General Motors has confirmed the 2010 Hummer H4. It will share its under body with another upcoming compact architecture but, the fun doesn’t stop there as the H3 sees the addition of a diesel model down under and the addition of a new H3 SUT model in 2008.
Martin Walsh mentioned the addition of a smaller Hummer that will sit below the current H3. "It will be another GM platform that will allow us to build a smaller vehicle," he says.
A Hummer insider admitted to fearing that its hard-won hardcore off-road image may be irreparably harmed if GM decides to go "soft" with the H4.
Hummer needs to maintain its 4WD reputation by ensuring that all its vehicles have a separate chassis, short overhangs, class-leading approach, breakover and departure angles, ample ground clearance and signature Hummer styling cues.

Hummer H4   2010

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  1. rrjexpert July 19, 2007 at 6:57 PM  

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