Now everyone can experience the excitement of open-air cruising,
with exhilarating performance that opens the door to your wildest dreams.
Only Daihatsu's expertise and passion for compactness could create a car
that so stunningly delivers all-out, top-down driving pleasure. With an electrically
powered retractable hardtop that gives you instant access to the sky,
and a high-performance 1.3-litre engine that packs breathtaking excitement
into its sleek, compact body, the Copen truly sets you free.

Be at one with nature and a thrillingly responsive machine that lets you experience the world with all of your senses. It's an exciting new compact with an electrically powered retractable hardtop that will make you grin with pleasure every time you drive it.
Release the roof latch and press the switch — in approximately 20 seconds you'll be enjoying an ever-changing drama of light and wind from the comfort and security of the well-appointed cockpit.
And with the top up, you'll be protected from weather, noise, and theft by a rugged yet lightweight aluminium roof that shuts out the elements. With sleek, flowing lines, Copen offers style that makes it one of the most head-turning coupes around.

The boot has an ample capacity of 210 litres (VDA) when the roof is closed. It also features an easy closing mechanism — simply press the lid down until it touches the latch, and the lock will automatically engage and close the lid securely for you.

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