Gemballa is well known for turning Porsche’s into hard-core machines. A number of their products have shown up on these pages and this is their latest - the Porsche Panamera Mistrale - named after a cold, northwest wind that sweeps through the region of Provence in the south of France. The connection between wind and car? We’re not really sure either but it surely gives the subtle Panamera a more menacing stance.


Details as to what’s under the skin of the Mistrale is currently unavailable but the exterior is where first judgments are made and the Mistrale looks like it could sweep past most of today’s supercars. As to how pleasing it is to eye remains subjective but by the looks of it, a number of visual upgrades are in store for the Panamera; a whole new front bumper including a carbon fiber lip that flows seamlessly into the front skirt and large air intake slits (on the bonnet too) hint at some serious power upgrades with additional capacity for increased cooling of brakes and engine.


The rear, in my opinion, is probably the best part of the car (no, I’m not an ass guy) with it’s rear diffuser that’s made to hold a quad stainless-steel sports exhaust all integrated into the existing rear bumper with additional air outlets all combine to give the car a “don’t mess with me, I’m very fast” look. But I guess that doesn’t matter because by the time you register the message, the Mistrale would have blown away already.


The 22-inch alloy wheels (likely by Gemballa) are the visual signature of what will surely be a performance-oriented Panamera tuning job. But all in all, the design of the Mistrale is debatable, it could look better in the metal though, so stay tuned.

Source: WorldCarFans

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