Tokyo Motor Show 2009

General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen and Volvo already count among the manufacturers not attending this year’s show and with BMW and Mercedes-Benz out of the picture, the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is fast becoming a domestics-only event – if it happens at all.

The bigger Japanese car makers - Toyota, Nissan and Honda – have yet to decline the invitation, but at this point it’s anyone’s guess how long that will last.

Inside sources for the event have indicated that if any of those three pull out of the event, cancellation of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is a certainty.

Among the biggest auto show in the planet suffer the exhibition value due to lack participation from giant car makers. You will know how bad the current economic situation had an impact to auto industry. We as a user, the back bone of the auto industry will hope for the better scenario in auto industry.

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