Artega GT

The Artega GT is a German-born competitor to the Porsche Cayman S that weighs only 1,100kg (though over 10k UK pounds more expensive than the Cayman S for a weight advantage of 250kg) thanks to an aluminium spaceframe and a carbon composite bodyshell.

With that kind of weight it’s really not necessary for oversized engines to be plonked into the mid-mounted engine bay. All that’s needed is the Volkswagen Group’s 3.6 liter FSI V6 engine producing a standard 296 horsepower to give the car a sub-5 second 0 to 100km/h acceleration time. This engine is mated to the smooth and quick-shifting 6-speed DSG transmission from BorgWarner.

The 2-seater mid-enginened sports car is 3,950mm long, 1,180mm tall and 1,880mm wide and was styled by Henrik Fisker.

Look after the jump for a couple of more shots of the sports car.


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