Full Carbon Fiber Rims From Weds Sports

Weds Sports, a Japanese wheel-maker that is not that big here in Malaysia has created a full carbon fiber (CF) wheel, meaning everything is made out of the lightweight stuff - rims, spokes, hub, everything. Weighing in at a feathery 2.76kg, these Weds Sports rims are the lightest CF rims currently in the market.

A statement from Weds Sports shed light on the production process of the rims and apparently they use a dry CF process that makes the wheels strong enough for almost anything, well, almost. We have reported on carbon fiber wheels before and the ultra fast Koeniggsegg is also offered with CF wheels meaning Weds Sports are not the first ones to come up with the lightweight miracles.

The rims have not been put into production as yet but if you live in a place with no potholes and no curbs and have about RM60,000 to spend on rims, these Weds Sports are worth the wait.

Source: Carbon Fiber Gear

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