Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec | 2009

Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec

During the just concluded 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon, it seems obvious that the Japanese tuners on stand were showing their expertise on the new generations of 'hot' cars namely Nissan's GT-R, Mitsubishi's EVO X and the latest Subaru Impreza's. It was like a sea of these cars fitted with just about their latest enhancements that they could develop in time for the show that has been compared very much to the American SEMA show.

While most of these tuners with some very reputable ones focused on these cars, there were also others with manufacturer backings who presented some of their enhancements wonders on different makes. Take for instance Mugen who have very long relationship with Honda. (Through family relationship, of course)

At the show, Mugen displayed their version of the highly acclaimed JDM Honda Civic Type R to the delight of most visitors including us. Based on the already potent car which they upped the ante again with their version called the Honda Civic Mugen RR, at the show the tuner displayed another version which they called the Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec.

The innovative RR Concept is an experimental model armed with cutting edge technologies. Based on the Mugen RR, the Experimental Spec. has a further weight reduction with the chassis strengthen, higher engine output with better brake performance all designed to add further overall performance.

With regards to the bodywork, the Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec. has a front fender which is made out of carbon and this also includes the purpose design front bumper. The front bumper which also incorporates some functional lip also has a redesigned layout for the brake duct which results in the relocation of the fog lights. With the usage of an all aluminium hood (bonnet), Mugen explains that this is all part of optimizing the weight balance between the front and the back sections of the car. This explains the usage of more carbon composite materials on the rear section where the oversize fully adjustable wing is found and this part work in sync with the rear under spoiler and the diffuser.

Further weight reduction program includes the use of titanium exhaust manifold and this even goes on in the interior. Step inside the Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec. and you will be greeted with a host of carbon fibre materials. In fact the whole passenger compartment feels like it's been covered entirely by carbon fibre which hides neatly the reinforcement equipment that adds more chassis rigidity and perhaps safety to the occupants of the car.

As the Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec. is to provide more focus driving criteria especially during spirited driving, the normal interior switches has been relocated which embodies the concept while the tachometer has been repositioned to the top of the dashboard compared to a regular Civic. Drivers too would appreciate the carbon composite shell RECARO semi-bucket seats again part of the weight saving parts and the quick shifting gear lever.

The Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec. feature a tuned engine with the capacity increased to 2.2 litre. Based on the K20A engine, the intake and outlet has been optimized to bring about further increase in the power department, the engine now produces a healthy 260PS at a screaming 8,200rpm. Maximum torque is 235Nm at 6,000rpm and this would give you a hint that this car is all about spirited driving; after all it’s what the car was created for.

With the added power it’s only natural that the Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec. gets a further brake upgrade. The front now sports a 6-pot brake system while at the rear there's a 2-pot system.

And to further determine that the car remains fine while driving, Mugen has equipped the car with an i-TCMS which is an intelligent-Tire Condition Monitoring System that monitors the tire air pressure and temperature in real time. No doubt this item is a confidence booster especially during fast driving and to add that you can also adjust the damping force from the cockpit while driving. Aided by the special Bridgestone Potenza RE070 225/40R18 tyres it would definitely increase grip especially coming into your favorite corners.

Mugen has once again created a true 'drivers' car with this Honda Civic Mugen RR Experimental Spec.. With the original Mugen RR sold within minutes after it was launch, we're sure their latest version would easily be up for grabs swiftly too. But let's hope that the components would be available to enthusiast who already has the JDM Civic Type R. Perhaps this would no doubt give us enthusiast some ideas on creating a more potent track day focus car.

While Honda goes with the philosophy of 'Power of Dreams', we're sure we couldn't agree more with Mugen's which is ' The Dream Never Ends', creating more potent cars to the delights of enthusiast!

Source: Honda Mugen Press