Nissan Motor Co., Ltd will introduce two pioneering technologies with its new Fuga, set for release in Japan this month, the world’s first Distance Control Assist and navigation-enabled Intelligent Cruise Control systems.

Nissan’s pioneering Distance Control Assist system helps control the distance between two vehicles under various traffic conditions, from congested urban roads to high-speed expressways. The improved Intelligent Cruise Control system integrates route-information via the on-board navigation system to monitor the vehicle’s cruising speed to match actual road e.g. the sharpness of the next curve on the road.

The Distance Control Assist system determines the following distance of the driver’s vehicle, as well as the relative speed of both vehicles, using a radar sensor installed in the front bumper. When a vehicle approaches close to the vehicle ahead and the accelerator is not engaged, the system activates the brakes to decelerate smoothly. Alternatively, if the accelerator is engaged, the acceleration actuator is activated through a “push back” mechanism to help the driver to release the pedal.

In a situation where the vehicle ahead slows down or brakes, requiring the driver to respond by braking, the system instantly alerts the driver through message and audio warnings. Simultaneously, the system pushes back the accelerator to assist the driver to switch to the brakes.

The Intelligent Cruise Control system operates using information from a radar sensor installed in the front bumper. When following a vehicle ahead, the system controls following distance appropriately, using the driver’s preset speed as the maximum limit. With no vehicle ahead, the vehicle cruises at the constant driver preset speed.

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