Ford are updated their Focus ST and injected a little Mondeo into the look, which is not an altogether bad thing. Expected in showrooms around March of 2008 (as a 2009 model) the revised look Focus will be available in both three and five-door bodystyles.

The ST Focus features a “sporty” front grille and a front bar that includes integrated fog-lamps while the rear sees a remodeled tailgate and bumper that includes an integrated diffuser. A redesigned exhaust outlet and 18-inch alloys further serve to set the ST apart from its more mundane stablemates.


On the inside, the interior benefits from a higher level of trim and sees the addition of a newly designed centre console that now features a starter button along with a 230V power outlet and audio jack.
Mechanically, the ST remains unchanged which means it retains the 2.5-litre five-cylinder turbo engine with 168kW/225hp, enough to see the ST dash from 0-100kmh in around 6.5-seconds. We can expect to see the face-lifted ST badged as the XR5 Turbo in Oz.

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