The Mazda Kabura, which gets its name from a Japanese word describing the first arrow fired in a battle, was a refreshing concept first shown at the 2006 Detroit Motor Show.
The Kabura is a small sports coupe, larger than the MX-5 convertible, but smaller than the RX-8, with which it shares many styling features. The most striking feature of the Kabura is the dynamic front end, and like the RX-8 the Kabura's front arches are extremely pronounced, now pretty much a Mazda trademark.

The rear of the Kabura is small and tidy with minimal overhangs and athletic arches which advertise the cars rear wheel drive layout, and help cover the 20' rear wheels. The glass roof hides a small rear spoiler/air-vent at the rear.

Powered by a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine borrowed from the MX-5, performance of the Kabura is brisk, not mindblowing.

Mazda has announced that although the Kabura is not destined for production itself, styling of the concept will appear on future Mazda models.

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