Audi Locus Concept by Ugur Sahin

The Audi Locus Concept is a sporty coupe which adopts an organic design language made of flowing curves. The author is Turkish designer Ugur Sahin.

The Concept

"The main characteristics of the design are the way its surface shapes are formed with a continuous flow from the front end until the back of the car" explains Ugur Sahin.

The main inspiration came from Nature: "[...] we usually do not realize that everything in nature has its specific curves and flowing lines and it is very rare to spot perfectly straight lines."

"The main goal was to implement this design aspect into a car which creates a relaxing, energetic, vibrant and confident feeling."

The name of the concept reflects the concept of curve: in mathematics, "Locus" is a collection of points which share a common property, usually forming a continuous figure such as a curve.


A curved sharp edged line starts at the very front, flowing through the middle section, slightly bending down after the A pillar and then rising up again at the rear wheel arches to follow its way back until the diffuser.

The same curve language is also applied to the greenhouse and the design of the windows. The front has an aggressive look with the traditional Audi grille. The air intakes are shaped like the headlights to create a coherent feeling.

The rear section is very organic with defined curves and subtle details, tail lights are designed to have integrated air outtakes underneath them to avoid any unnecessary details.

The sleek design of the rear volume is defined by the dual exhaust tail pipes located at the very sides and by the dark surfaces of the diffuser.

Audi Locus Concept by Ugur Sahin

Audi Locus Concept by Ugur Sahin

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