BMW CS Concept

Introducing the BMW Concept CS, Germany’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles is presenting the vision of a unique four-door car which combines the exclusivity of a genuine luxury Gran Turismo with the fascinating thrill of a high-performance sports car. This unique combination never seen before offers the perspective to enjoy sheer driving pleasure in a dimension quite unprecedented in the world of motoring. Indeed, the BMW Concept CS is a new definition of design culture. Concentrating on powerful, expressive design, materials of the highest quality, and quality of finish in perfection, this unique new model offers a completely new understanding of premium quality.

And within its interior, the BMW Concept CS combines stylish luxury with the most uncompromising ambience full of class and value.

Through its design alone, the BMW Concept CS underlines the supreme skill and competence of the BMW brand in developing the most sporting and dynamic cars offering ample space for more than two occupants. The most spectacular rendition of this heritage at BMW is the BMW M5, which established a brand-new segment in the world of motoring more than two decades ago and is acknowledged to this day as the benchmark in high performance saloon motoring.

BMW Concept CS side

Now the know-how BMW has acquired over the years and decades comes together with the worldwide fame of the company as a manufacturer of premium automobiles, the BMW Concept CS thus offering the best of both worlds. BMW CS
BMW is using the skills and competence established over such a long time to combine the most fascinating highlights of sporting performance and sophisticated luxury in an unprecedented new concept. Hence, the BMW Concept CS impressively proves how the successful strategy of the sporting four-door may be carried over consistently into the luxury performance segment.

Four doors with a unique, sporting and low body line.

The sporting, low-slung silhouette of the car is further accentuated by body height of just 1.36 metres or 53.5 inches. A further important feature is the gentle taper of the roof-line at the rear serving again to smoothly stretch the proportions of the entire car.

The re-interpreted contour line, as seen from the side, serves to emphasise the technical concept of rear-wheel drive so crucial to dynamic performance on the road. Subdividing the silhouette of the car into various sections, the contour line stretches from the beginning of the A-pillar in a gentle, rising movement all the way up above the front door, gradually petering out beneath the rear side window. Then the contour line starts again in the lower section of the rear door, first running parallel to the wheel cut-out in a powerful arch. From there the rear contour line is continued as a straight line also rising slightly up to the rear end of the car.

The roof-line likewise tapering out gently to the rear also provides a brand-new effect when looking at the car from the side, adding a touch never seen before on a saloon. The striking contour of the C-pillar, in turn, provides an additional visual highlight of attractive clarity, the transition of the C-pillar into the rear section of the car tapering out at a lower angle than the steeper rear window rising up from its base point. This creates a unique expression of classic notchback design highly individualised and varying according to your angle of vision. At the bottom, the C-pillar offers a new, enhanced interpretation of the reverse line sweeping to the front known by tradition as the “Hofmeister kick”. And last but not least, a gentle and extremely attractive light-edge stands out above the side window precisely where the C-pillar merges into the roof-line.

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