Next Generation Honda VTEC Engine promises High Power and Environment-friendly Performance

Honda Motor’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System (VTEC) Engine has further evolved with the development of the Advanced VTEC engine, which offers higher performance, better fuel economy and lower emissions. This time, the new engine offers continuously variable valve lift and timing control combined with the continuously variable phase control of VTC. Within the next three years, Honda may release a production vehicle equipped with this new engine.

The next generation engine offers significant advantages including optimum control over intake valve lift and phase in response to driving conditions. This enhances the charging efficiency for a significant increase in torque for the whole range of engine speeds. Meanwhile, to further reduce pumping losses and improve fuel economy, the valves are set to low lift and early closure under low to medium load levels.

All these technology translates to a vast improvement in performance and fuel efficiency. The engine itself improves fuel economy by 13%. Emission levels is 75% lower than those required by the 2005 standards of both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency LEV2-ULEV regulations and Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport requirements for Low-Emission Vehicles. With this engine, Honda further solidifies its leadership when it comes to manufacturing vehicles with outstanding quality, performance and fuel economy.

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