Honda Unveils the Future of the Automobile at the LA Auto Show

Honda Motors rides high at the 2007 Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show, taking the center stage as it exhibited three stunning, new concept vehicles: the Honda FCX, Honda REMIX and the Honda STEP BUS. The Honda FCX is heralded as a glimpse of the future of automobiles. Unlike most concept models, which are merely engine-less replicas, the futuristic Honda FCX shown in LA is a fully-functional vehicle offering next generation fuel cell technology for maximum environmental performance. Limited units of the Honda FCX is expected to go on sale by 2008 in the US and Japan.

The Honda REMIX could be the precursor to the return of the CRX. This two-seat sports car concept combines “sports car attitude with everyday functionality”. Meanwhile, geared towards the youth market just like the Honda Element is the Honda STEP BUS concept. Designed for “high energy lifestyles”, the Honda STEP BUS offers an adaptable and fully maximized interior space within a small-sized vehicle.

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