Discover the CR-V breakthrough - a lightweight, compact, and quiet 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine for elite driving. Using "intelligent" valve control for ideal combustion in all speed ranges, this powerplant enables higher performance in response to driving demands. The result is powerful torque in the low- to mid-ranges of daily driving and excellent acceleration in the high-rpm range of highway cruising, as well as outstanding fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust emissions with Honda LEV. The i-VTEC engine incorporates a variable dual-passage intake manifold for enhanced torque and high-power output, and it also uses a secondary balancer to lessen engine vibration for smoother and quieter operation. Moreover, the CR-V has a compact, durable direct-control 4-speed AT with an active lock-up for practical fuel efficiency. This 4AT enables powerful hill climbing in optimal gear position, assisted by Honda's exclusive Grade Logic Control for the ideal shift pattern to optimize gearshift timing. Honda combines its renowned VTEC with innovative new V TC (Variable Timing Control) to create revolutionary i-VTEC. While VTEC electronically switches valve timing and valve lift to match low and high speeds, VTC provides continuous control of the intake valve according to engine load rotation. This creates an ideal balance of high power and fuel economy.
  • Enhanced torque transfer

New REALTIME 4WD is designed for instantaneous and controlled transmission of torque to the rear wheels. A one-way ball cam and pilot clutch are added to enhance response. When front wheel slippage is detected, the cam is activated, pressing the main clutch to transmit torque to the rear wheels. This system limits torque transfer for reduced slippage in forward acceleration, acceleration when backing, and forward deceleration.

  • Remarkable new 4WD agility.

Newly redesigned for dramatically enhanced performance on slippery roads, Honda's exclusive lightweight, compact Dual Pump REALTIME 4WD provides tenacious grip and smooth, steady moves in acceleration on slippery surfaces, turns, hill climbing, and load-hauling. Always available on demand, this system automatically activates when either of the front wheels loses grip on driving surfaces, ensuring maximum torque and good traction as long as needed. Rugged, reliable new Dual Pump REALTIME 4WD delivers enhanced traction and stability for true motoring confidence in challenging driving conditions. There's a gratifying sense of premier-quality Honda 4WD engineering at your command, for sedan-style comfort in motion, and an unmatched sense of ride quality as you explore new and interesting roads.

  • Elite driving satisfaction.

Effortless to drive, the CR-V has a refined suspension for high rigidity and tuned for passenger riding comfort and responsive handling. In front, a toe-control-link strut suspension contributes to linear handling and superb stability, even at highway speeds. In the rear, reactive-link double wishbone suspension provides a smooth ride and enhanced driving when braking. A low center of gravity and wide tread add to overall stability, with comprehensive reinforcements for enhanced stability and a comfortably smooth, flat ride. The CR-V displays outstanding maneuverability with a short turning radius of only 5.3 meters, with enlarged four-wheel disc brakes for sure-footed response. A highly rigid body and effective use of noise-absorbing materials help ensure a quiet ride and assured control.

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